Bulletproof Collagen Hot Chocolate

In the biohacking world, the famous “ Bulletproof Coffee” from Dave Asprey is a supercharged drink to help you start your day burning fat, stay hyper focused with the pleasure of a hot drink that has helped a lot of people being more focused and sharp, reduce brain fog etc, the Bulletproof Coffee stays a staple in the Biohacking world.

I personally follow a lot of Dave Asprey’s recommendations, however I (sadly) dislike coffee. I still really wanted to benefit from a supercharged drink and have tested different versions based on health benefits, price and low effort drink, so I have made my own version: the supercharged hot (or cold) chocolate. This allows me to enjoy a chocolate drink, stay focused with the MCT oil and also reap benefits from other powders I include in that easy-to-make powerful drink.

Also, bear in mind I do my own mixture to supercharge it, but you can just add one of the ingredients listed here, follow what works for you in terms of price, practicality and what works best for your own biology. You can make this drink keto friendly with no sugar added or good quality sweeteners or you can also add some sugar in it.




MCT (Medium chain triglyceride) oil is a high value functional food that speeds the metabolism and speeds performance, so that your body and brain runs on ketones.

The Bulletproof brand offers two different versions of MCT oil, the Brain Octane Oil and the MCT Oil. I personally love it because you can also use it anywhere, it has no taste and the packaging is quite functional.

Top features

  • No smell so you can use it everywhere (hot chocolate salads, deserts etc)
  • High quality coconut oil extraction
  • Practical packaging


Around 20€ for the small bottle 

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa has multiple benefits, as it is charged with antioxydants and helps with mitochondria biogenesis. It is rich in polyphenols, and improves lipid profile (triglycerides) You can take pretty much any cocoa powder, but make sure it’s without added sugar, this will increase the chance of getting a high quality powder. Cocoa enhances neuron protection and fosters great mood (Who doesn’t love chocolate right!).

Top Features

  • Great taste
  • No sugar added


Depends on your local store

Noordcode Complete Collagen

A grass fed collagen powder with high level of glycine and properly sourced. Vitamin C is included and as a precursor to collagen, it is helping collagen production at the source level.

Top features

  • Protein coming from grass fed animals (Beef), seashells and eggshells, with collagen hydrolysate collagen so you get both of the best world (Marine and animal collagen)
  • Slight taste (Coming from the acerola)
  • High Quality
  • Vitamin C from acerola included
  • High level of glycine
  • 5 types of collagen included (I, II,II, V,X)
  • Durable sources of collagen


50 € for 500G

Wrap up

The best complete overall collagen.

Kefir Whey fermented protein powder from Paleo powder

Whey is a nutritional lactoserum basic, but this one is quite special as it contains kefir, which implies less lactose. With this product, you get all the essential amino acid and high quality proteins. Also, the milk used to do this product is coming from grass fed cows. 

Top features:

  • Kefir fermented whey, more bioavailable
  • Comes from grass fed cow’s milk
  • Tasteless


39.95€ for 500g

Wrap up

A classic but super-charged whey !

InnerFuel Prebiotic


Everybody knows the importance of probiotics, which are interesting and useful, but prebiotic are even more interesting as they ensure that you develop a healthy microbiome, therefore developing overall immunity. This product allows the healthy bacterias (thanks to larch tree extract) to increase their proliferation. It’s a much better bet to increase prebiotics than probiotics. If you take good bacteria but don’t feed them the proper elements, they will not survive and proliferate in a good way. Whereas, if you consistently feed them the good elements, they will naturally increase their number naturally.

Top features

  • Organic fibers from guar and larch tree
  • Cuts cravings
  • Dissolves easily in fluids
  • No taste
  • No sugar, keto friendly
  • 3 natural fibers of acacia, guar and larch
  • Soft on intestines


54.95€ for 380 G on Livehelfi

Wrap up

The perfect product to pimp up your good bacterias


This bulletproof hot chocolate version is an easy drink that will satisfy both your palate and your belly, while diminishing your cravings and increasing your focus so your brain is extra sharp!

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