5 tools for manifestation

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If you want to take control over your reality, manifesting is a great tool to put you in the right place mentally and project you in your goals. They are many ways to do it and you will find a selection of different tools to help you with your manifestation for business journey, whether you want to learn more about the topic if you want to become an expert at manifesting for your business. Lot of celebrities are using manifestation as a tool to get success, like Will Smith, Jim Carrey and Oprah Winfrey.


Manifesting is projecting your goals into your reality, with the aim at getting the goals faster. It also helps to set yourself a reminder about who and what you want to become. Manifestation is mostly used by spiritual people, but modern psychology has proven that this method can help you get your goals faster as you are aligning with the future identity that you want to have faster by writing or repeating your goals. Indeed, manifesting gets you to think about the positive outcomes so that you can experience it in your life ASAP. Manifestation also helps you to feel better about yourself and this will catalyze the reaching of dreams. 

THE common Mistake that beginners do: Manifestation is VERY linked to your system of thoughts and limiting beliefs, so make sure you start manifesting small. For instance, if you want to become a professional copywriter, start with affirmations such as “ I am able to learn to write and to convince people”, because it’s easier to manifest in your system of beliefs than “ I earn millions thanks to copywriting”. Once you will see smaller goals come to reality, you can step up and start manifesting bigger and more difficult things so that it can later come into your life.

“Energy flows where attention goes.” — Tony Robbins

How to manifest for business ?

The magic of manifesting


This book written by Ryuu Shinohara gives to you gives you tips for using the Law of Attraction in your manifestations. The author is a metaphysics philosopher and also a researcher.

Top features

  • Practical approach
  • 15 practical and proven techniques to generate results
  • The scientific secret behind changing your life
  • How to turn dreams into reality
  • Exercises to train at home


15$ on Amazon

Wrap up

A practical and efficient guide if you want to learn and start manifesting

Printable Manifestation Journal


To help structure and writing down your manifestations, you can use mindfulness or manifestation paper support. You can for instance buy this printable or buy pre printed journals. Etsy is full of different formats, so feel free to pick what you want

Top features

  • Highly customizable
  • Pre-made
  • Has a lot of structure
  • You can find tons of different design
  • Helps you structure your thoughts


3-10$ depending on models on Etsy

Wrap up

 A great and affordable tool to start you with manifestation!

Juliette Kristine manifestation course


Juliettes has created the Surrender Approach ™. Juliette describes her course as not a simple manifesting course but a new a way of living aligned with your desires.

Top features:

  • Online
  • Women-oriented
  • Free content so preview the methodology
  • Learn how to be very specific about your needs
  • Learn how to take action and focus intently on it 

If you would like to know what kind of results you can expect from the course, you can check on her website testimonies. She provides content on her course on how to manifest more wealth, success and abundance in your life, but also how to heal your manifesting blocks, as it’s often what hinders your manifestations from coming true. Also, you can get a free vision board training on her website and if you join her newsletter you can get access to a Free Mini Manifesting Ritual.


The Surrender Approach is priced at this time of writing at $596.40 and you can get it here https://www.manifesting-courses-online.com/

Wrap up

This is a complete step by step approach that will give you everything to fully develop your manifestation techniques.

The Manifestation podcast


This podcast created by To Be Magnetic™, it features grounded manifestation.

Top features

  • Available on Apple Podcast and Spotify
  • Weekly episodes
  • Podcast notes available
  • Pragmatic approach



Wrap up

You will find lots of different topics tackled that are related to manifesting, such as learning what the nervous system is, how to scale a business with manifestation, how to unblock your manifestations


Manifesting is focusing on your goals, thoughts and learning to trust that things will fall into place. It is harnessing energy and training your mind to be in an abundant mindset and therefore aligning your life for these dreams to happen from your mind to reality.

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